Making an Intro Video for your Application

I was recently asked by an AuPair if there were any hints, tips or special ideas for making an introduction video for Au Pair matching sites. I am gladly accepting this challenge and have already got a page full of notes to share with you.

Location, Location

Even though your future house family is going to be focusing on what you are saying and your personality, they will still find it uneasy if you are sitting in front of a Magic Mike XXL poster. That being said, you don’t have to run out and buy a professional backdrop or a movie-grade camera. I’d suggest either sitting on a couch in the living room/sitting room with maximum one or two pictures on the wall (nothing too distracting). If it HAS to be in your room, in front of your naked man/woman poster, then just take it down for the two minutes of the video.

What to Wear

I love my abstract shape, multi-colored flowy top as much as the next girl, but this number should stay in the closet for this video. You don’t have to wear a business suit or ball gown, but a cardigan or plain color t-shirt is the way to go.

Know What To Say

This part is simple but seems to be the biggest issue in all the intro videos I see. I like naturally talking too, however, writing down at least a few bullet points to touch on will be helpful. As a rule of thumb, always mention your name, age, where you are from, how long you can stay, experience with kids and why you want to be an au pair. (I tried thinking of a cool acronym, but couldn’t come up with one)

All the filler and transition talk can just be ad-libbed as long as you have a basic idea of what you want your future house family to know about you.

Know What NOT To Say

There are a few things you shouldn’t say in the video. For starters, this isn’t a time to talk about how much you are expecting to make, the number of holidays you would like and the hours you would like to work. All of the specifics will be talked about once you start the interview process with your family. Putting information like that in your video can seem insincere and may turn the family off.

Drinking habits and nightly rituals should probably be kept to yourself as well. You weekend activity is for later discussion.

Be Yourself

Always be yourself! Do NOT try to pretend that you are Mary Poppins. No one is Mary Poppins, believe me, I tried. You want to be able to make a connection with a family who will appreciate your personality and mesh with you. Pretending to be the perfect nanny may attract a family who, in reality, won’t be a good fit.

This is obviously a scary process, but adding a video to your profile will let the families who are looking feel more comfortable and it may even give you an advantage over another profile they are looking at.

Happy Family Searching!




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